Countertop Process

Schedule An Appointment

The first step in upgrading or building your new countertops is to schedule an apointment. During this appointment one of our team members will go over every aspect of your project providing you with the information and advice you need to move foward.

Provide A Sketch

Bring in a sketch of your project to help us determine the scope of your project!


Upgrading or creating a new countertop gives you the opportunity to have something beautiful that fits your taste. Learning the styles, colors, and materials is a part of the fun.

Schedule Templating

To ensure precision and accuracy, we’ll come on site to laser measure the surface area to be. These measurements will provide us with a template to create your countertop.


You’ve picked out what you want and we’ve measured what we need. Now, we’ll use our state of the art technology to create your countertop.


Lastly, we’ll install your new countertop surface. No detail goes unchecked with our experienced install team.

Lets Make Something Beautiful Together