Countertop Removal

Upgrading your current countertops? Let’s make room for your new surface! Our countertop removal services will save you time and energy from moving it yourself.

Countertop Fabrication and Installation


“Measure twice, cut once”. Our laser templating ensures accurate and precise measurements.


Our craftsmen start with a raw slab of material to create your countertop. The measurements provided by the laser templating are entered into our machines where much of the fabrication is done. After this, some finishing touches with hand tools are done by our countertop pros.


Last but not least, we install your countertops. Veins are matched, seams are seamless, and a beautiful surface is made. Every detail is looked over and inspected to ensure timeless perfection.



Protect your surface from stains with a countertop sealer. We use the best sealant available to your protect countertop surface. This protective sealant will prolong the life and longevity of your countertop.

White Glove Service

Regular countertop maintenance is key to keeping your surface well-maintained. LouAda Granite offers convenient service packages designed to help you save money. Whether you need a countertop repair or general upkeep, you can trust our team to provide quality work.


Trends change, personal tastes change. You love your LouAda Granite countertop, but maybe you’re ready to change it up. We can refresh and renew your granite countertop with TrendProofing©. This countertop update will keep your kitchen design fresh and modern.


Vein Matching

Many countertop materials, natural or manmade, have intricate veins running through them. When you take a slab of material and cut it to fit your countertop surface the veins are broken apart. Our vein matching technology prevents harsh vein breaks on your countertop surface. Your countertop will flow together no matter the material or design.

Let's Make Something Beautiful Together