The LouAda Process from Start to Finish

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LouAda works to provide each of our customers with a custom experience, no matter the scope of the project. Whether you’re looking for several large slabs of stone for a complete home project or a simple quartz vanity top for your guest bathroom, we want to ensure you get the exact results you’re envisioning for your space! 

Because of our dedication to each of our clients, we’ve worked to put together a process to ensure your satisfaction with our company. 

From our warehouse to your newly installed surfaces

Maybe you already know what you’re looking for or you’re hoping for some input from one of our experts. Either way, our specifically designed process is made to get you from the start of your surface renovation process to the very end with ease.

1. Find LouAda 

When you’re hunting for your next kitchen counter or bathroom vanity, you’ll notice all the companies you have available to work with. What sets us apart is quality, communication, and service. We work to ensure that each slab of material we sell you is both in the best condition possible and to the exact measurements you need them. Additionally, our focus is on your satisfaction. Our process is in place so that you get the stone material you had in mind for the right price for your budget, and that it looks exactly the way you imagined it when you first started your journey with LouAda.

Sometimes it helps to have a good idea of what we already have available before you even come to our warehouse and you can do this by looking through our live inventory. While this is not a necessary step of our process, it can provide you with a better idea as to what is available for your specific project. Not only do we have everything that’s available on our website, but you can also see what it would look like as a finished piece.

2. Schedule an appointment

While we try to make ourselves available for walk-ins, a scheduled appointment will provide you with a better experience. Not only will we have a block of time specially carved out for you, but we can talk about what it is that you’re looking for before you come in so we know exactly what to show you when you get here! Our appointments have a 3-part process to them so that we can guarantee a great experience and the right results:

Discovery – let us meet with you so we can better understand what it is you’re looking for

Design – sit down with our team to create a digitally-designed layout of what your project will look like

Options – see what we have available in person and learn about each of the products

Before you show up for your appointment, make sure you have a way to show us what you’re looking for, including a sketch with rough dimensions of your project and any inspiration photos you may have.

3. Laser-measured template creation

To ensure we get the results right the first time, we’ll visit your home or business to laser measure the surface area to get precise measurements. The measurements we take will provide us with the perfect template to carve out and create the surfaces that perfectly reflect your vision.

4. Fabrication

The fabrication stage is where we use our top-rated machinery to create your surfaces from the materials you selected during your first consultation with us. Not only do we have the tools to make meticulously accurate cuts, but we also have the tools necessary to piece large sections of stone together to create larger pieces with a uniform flow. Our equipment is so precise, you may not even be able to see where one slab ends and the next one starts!

5. Installation

The fabrication stage can take anywhere from two to three weeks. Once we have that completed, our expert installers will come out to place the finished product in its dedicated place within your home or business. We’ll ensure that it’s up to your standards and that everything fits exactly the way it’s supposed to. We work to ensure that no detail is left unchecked before we leave you with your new surface!

For more questions about our process or other inquiries about LouAda, contact us or schedule an appointment!